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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Standout Scholarships Guide

How To Win A Scholrship Guide

Step 1

Find out what you want to do

That seems to go without saying but a lot of people seeking for scholarship and higher education don't really know what degree/career path they want to pursue. No organization one will give you scholarship money if you don't know what you want to do with it.

Step 2

Get Professional aid

Whether it's a the financial aid office at your college, your high school advisor, friends, family or an online source, information is out there for those who are willing to take advantage of it. Same goes for writing applications; you have free online and offline resources to help you write professional applications. And the best part is, it's free (just like this guide J )

Step 3


So you got some information and some sources to look into. Dig in those sources and find scholarships that are not on necessarily on Google's first page, that are not advertised on T.V. That way you know you'll have less people applying for them and higher chances to win.

Step 4

Emphasize your uniqueness

When you search for scholarships, emphasize your unique skills and individuality. For example:

Google scholarship for "enter your minority/religion/nationality/talent"

I have a friend who won a scholarship just because her parents were born in Poland! So be creative and use your unique characteristics traits to find scholarships!

Step 5

Sign up to win free scholarship giveaways

I know people are usually skeptic about those and I completely understand that. You tell yourself, nothing in this life is free, so why would someone give me a scholarship just because I gave them my email? Well it's very simple, those companies compile huge mailing lists that worth a lot of money for thise companies, so they are willing to draw scholarship money for anyone who's willing to give them some basic information.

Step 6

Do something crazy (but legal)

As I mentioned before, if you want to distinguish yourself you got to think outside the box. for example, about 2 years ago I signed up tp the best job in the world contest, which was basically was a contest to win a job in the great barrier reef in Australia. The job paid 6 figures for 6 months and all you had to do is travel the island and document it with a camera. Cool right? Well to apply you had to create a unique video of yourself promoting the islands, so I did (you can find it if you go to youtube and search: ori united states). Now I didn't win "The best job in the world", but I put this video on my resume and potential employers are intrigued by it and it shows them that you are creative and taking initiatives. Same goes for scholarships applications, if you have done something unique, take pride in it and show it!



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