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Friday, 10 August 2012

Art Scholarships For Women

Art Scholarships For Women

There are numerous Art Scholarships For Women you can apply for to help pay your college expenses. You may want to check out these Art Scholarships For Women. Remember to also do your own research to find more scholarships that fit your needs.

Available to most students is the $10,000 scholarship drawing at Scholarship Zone. To be eligible to register for the scholarship you need to live in the United States and be at least 18 years of age or older. Fill out the registration form on their site and you will be entered into the drawing. The drawings have deadlines so make sure to register before then.

You may want to check out the scholarships offered by the Family Foundation of Walmart. Up to $13K are available for dependents of Walmart associates. Those who work with Walmart and who have been out of school for one year are considered eligible applicants.

The Associate Scholarship provided by Walmart is also something to consider. The scholarship provids $3,000 to Walmart associates or dependents of associates. Students who apply need to use their international studies to advance their chosen careers.

You should apply to all the scholarships you qualify for. Make sure to apply to as many scholarship opportunities that you qualify for because this will greatly improve your chances of actually being awarded a scholarship.

A common mistake college students make when applying for scholarships is to only apply for a handful. Make sure to clearly point out your strengths and use your weaknesses as a way of demonstrating how you've managed to handle your ups and downs well.



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