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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Unique Students Scholarships

Weird Scholarships For Unique Students

Finding scholarships for college can be a challenge. It is up to you to put your talents to good use to win monetary awards that can help make college a possibility for you. If you have average grades and SAT scores, however, it may be difficult for you to win scholarships that are based on academic merit.

Fortunately, there are some scholarships out there that celebrate characteristics, skills, and talents that are more on the unconventional side. Look into how your strange talents can help you to win a college scholarship that could change your life.

College scholarships exist to help deserving students afford the rising costs of a college education, but what constitutes a deserving student? For a variety of private organizations that offer weird scholarships, merit comes in many forms. Creativity, physical attributes, and even your lifestyle choices can qualify you for a scholarship that celebrates uniqueness in addition to simply getting good grades.

One notable example of a college scholarship based on creativity and a little bit of strangeness is the Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom scholarship competition. In this competition, students use Duck Brand duct tape in different colors to craft unique prom ensembles that showcase their artistry and individuality. If you are a budding fashion designer, this opportunity may be for you. Of course, this scholarship is very competitive, with couples vying for a $5,000 grand prize as well as other smaller amounts for runners-up.

If you have vocal skills and enjoy duck hunting, then the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest may be the scholarship for you. Since its inception, this scholarship fund has awarded over $60,000 to high school seniors who can perform the best duck call. If you have the strange talent of being able to sound off a convincing duck call, perhaps you will earn the first place award of $2,000.

If you are a vegetarian and enjoy educating others about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, the Vegetarian Resource Group's annual scholarship competition may be a good opportunity for you. This organization offers two $5,000 scholarships annually to students who promote a vegetarian lifestyle as a means of living peacefully and responsibly. Students should be able to demonstrate that they have promoted vegetarianism in their communities or schools.

If you are extremely tall, there is even a scholarship opportunity that awards college money to students who are of exceptional height! Tall Clubs International offers an annual scholarship that benefits students who meet height requirements. Those requirements are six feet, two inches for men and five feet, 10 inches for women. To qualify, you must seek sponsorship from a local chapter of TCI.

There are numerous other scholarship opportunities out there waiting for students who display unique characteristics. If you are looking for ways to earn college money by celebrating what makes you special, check out some of the many other weird scholarships in existence today. An internet search should yield many results. You can also check out scholarship listings and databases that match students to scholarships that they may qualify for.



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